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It’s time to talk: Branding.., Branding… and more Branding.

A great logo, bio or press-kit can take you far into the future, once you have decided on one that you love, put it everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Tell everyone about your new projects. Yes, everyone. And lastly, have copies or links to your work ready and available every time you leave the house. Yes, every time.

Talk it like you Walk it

Now that all of your prerequisite musical and artistic affairs are in order, as in properly recorded and protected. It’s time to take to the streets and promote. This time it’s your personality that matters. The more people meet you and grow to like you, the better chance you will have at them googling you later.

Tips from a professional

Be prepared to answer questions and respond to comments both flattering as well as critical.

Be prepared to explain your past, present, and upcoming future plans.

Be able to “Name-drop” any noteworthy individuals you have partnered with, worked for or worked alongside.

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