What makes good music even better..? How about some great visuals to match.

When it comes time to release your music to the world, its often good to accompany it with either a video or a good digital photo. These don’t necessarily need to be choc’ed full of glamorous things like expensive clothes, fancy cars,  shiny jewelry, loose pit-bulls or scantly clad models. Instead, consider a simple image of you with perhaps your Name, Song title and your Contacts photo-shopped in. Consider a quick in-studio video performances, sampling your track to awaiting fans.

Tips from a professional

Always be prepared for random photo-ops; industry talk for taking pictures. Yes, this could include short videos as well. But not just any quick pics or vids; these are with other working professionals, fans, supporters, celebrities and so on. You never know who you may run into and when, so if the individual they know mostly is the same individual you promoted to them. You’re going to want to match said expectations. In addition, you never know where these visuals are going to end up. Scary concept now that you think about it. But hey, at least you can say you looked good!

Photo and video shoots are swift and cost effective when the model/talent knows exactly what to do physically in front of the camera. Rehearse motions and practice poses prior. I just saved you money.

Items to keep in your closet: 3 “fresh” outfits, a clean pair of footwear, a nice jacket/vest, $200 in available cash and while were at it.., throw your friend with the nicest car in there as well. I’ll explain later.


$175Quick Video
  • Form fitted for Social Media type platforms.
  • As titled this performance will take place at the recording studio.
  • Visuals will be recorded during and after the session (documentary style) then edited and layered over snippets of your new track.
  • Note: Allow at least one week for return.


$250+Basic Video
  • Form fitted for Youtube type platforms.
  • A minimal shoot at an agreed upon location.
  • One outfit change at same or nearby location.
  • Visuals will be edited and layered over provided music.
  • Note: Allow at least one week for return.


$500+Feature Video
  • Form fitted for Vevo style platforms.
  • A full shoot embracing your songs full content.
  • Three outfit changes.
  • Three location changes.
  • Secondary camera for added visuals
  • One Model/ Dancer or other feature.
  • Two Actors for dedicated scenes or for use as extras.
  • Note: Allow at least two weeks for return.

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