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Where’s Brooklyn At???

Unique“, in a word, can be used to describe the intense rhyming style and flow of Brooklyn’s own BROOKLYN GAB. Unique in content, Unique in flow, Unique in energy, etc… And etc…
Jahmal Nedd was born in Georgetown, Guyana (a small country on the Northern coast of South America sandwiched between Brazil and Venezuela). Shortly after losing his father to the struggles of the poverty-stricken lifestyle of which consumed them. With his single mother and sisters, he would at the tender age of five transition to America. To be more specific.., New York. And to be even more specific; Brooklyn. In search of their own stability, they would spend the next several years transitioning throughout many parts of the new town. Their continuous struggle and hardships he and his family would endure for the next several years would become the primary catalyst to the birth of what we now know as: Brooklyn Gab.
After Graduating The High School of Art & Design in spring of ’99. A college scholarship and a two hour drive in his mother’s ford Contour would soon deliver him South to The Art Institute of Philadelphia. By Fall of 2000 he would find himself in regular after-school social hangouts and freestyle “cypher” sessions with friends. This would lead him to his newly found hobby. Attention from his freestyles soon led him to try his hand at recording a few songs for his first cd project which he would self-title (Brooklyn Gab) and promote locally. A small buzz then brought invites to perform at school-wide parties and events and fashion shows, these venues would then progress to local pubs, lounges and nightclubs such as Tragos lounge, lux lounge, Chrome nightclub, Flow, nightclub, Liquid Charm, Fluid nightclub Starlight Ballroom, Dowling Palace and Samba nightclub to name a few in Philly alone. Working with many other up and coming artists in his local area, Gab would then take his talents and fan base back to Brooklyn where he would recruit the support of his home town friends.
Personal relationships back in New york involving friends who supported his then blossoming career as a musician, would allow Gab to work alongside many of the industry’s rising stars as well as build a strong foundation to which he would build him-self as an artist. With frequent invites to be a part of many video shoots, promo parties and events and meetings involving the likes of directors LITTLEx, Justin Francis, Benny Boom, and the up and coming film and movie director Ben Hadley,
Gab would then go on to work with the likes of Model/Actress Melyssa Ford of “B.E.T. Style“, Dancer Choreographer Tanisha Scott, perform local radio slots for Jamster Ringtones, as well as non for profit Father’s day events hosted and by the local YMCA, capitalizing on any opportunity he had to obtain inside knowledge on the game of which he would soon become a part of as well as increase his network and professional resume.
To further Promote, Brooklyn Gab then connected with supporting companies, entities and sponsors such as Protégé magazine, Drahma magazine, the Weather Report magazine (cover issue), eFlat Graphics/web Design, Fashion Hurtz Clothing, Parrish clothing, Pare B clothing The Kick Of show sneaker design/promo company and indie-label Diamond Plus recordz which he currently co-owns to help push other artists on similar musical paths. With the aid of his collaborative movement, Gab would then go on to produce his own events including showcases and talent shows at venues like the Bowery Poetry club (N.Y.), the Public Assembly (N.Y.), Cagney’s (N.J.), Flow, Chrome, Tragos, Samba and Fluid (Pa.)
By Graduation day (2003), Gab would have more shows and events lined up than job offers in this field of study, so with Degree in tow he acquired a job working in his appropriate field… by day that is. But by night the stage was ready for him to make his mark among the Hip-Hop and Music community. Currently living in Philadelphia, Gab operates and runs his independent career through commuting to and from New York as well as the many other cities and towns he has been invited to perform and promote himself. “I’m kinda famous in Philly, the who’s who of the underground hip hop scene acknowledge Brooklyn when they see Gab, and i did that in three years”, with this motivation in mind, he clearly had his sights on nationwide notoriety and success. These days Brooklyn Gab, also known as Gabby, Gabino, or just plain old Gab to close friends and fans, is more than just a rapper, he embodies the vision of hard work and perseverance, conveying to us his passion through his vocal versatility on wax as well as his ability to attack each track with great intensity as if there weren’t enough bars in each bar… finally an answer to the ever popular question… Where’s Brooklyn At???